My Kit

My Kit

Equipment I use for painting en plein air

One of the most crucial factors to a successful outcome in plein air painting is having the right kit to make your painting experience as relaxing and easy as possible; it makes painting much more difficult and less enjoyable if you are battling with the wrong set-up. It can be tricky at the beginning of your painting journey to invest money in expensive equipment but a few wise purchases may transform your painting time outdoors. 

Here is a list of equipment and art supplies I recommend for plein air oil painting. These are all products I use myself from Jackson's.

(These are affiliate links to Jackson's Art products. Customers new to Jackson's will receive 10% off and I will earn a small commission to spend with them.)

Sienna Pochade

I use a very old Winsor and Newton half box easel on a day to day basis but for travel and when I want to pack lightly this small pochade is very useful. It can fit a variety of panels up to some quite large sizes. 

U.Go Tripod

This tripod fits easily to my pochade and comes with the attachments you need. It is light and has a good bag with carry straps.  

MDF panels

I get MDF panels in bulk cut at my local builders merchant but when I am short between orders I order these packs of MDF panels which come in a variety of sizes, are very light to carry and arrive quickly. 

Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer

I prime my MDF panels with this super handy acrylic primer, which comes in white, clear or in a variety of ready coloured mixes which saves so much time!

Schmincke Drying Medium

I mix a small amount of this drying medium with some Zest-it thinners for my initial layers to speed drying and add a bit of gloss. 

Zest-It brush cleaner and oil paint dilutant 

These non-toxic thinners are a staple of mine and are suitable for air travel. 


Pro Arte Sterling Acrylix Synthetic brushes

I use a variety of brushes including hog and synthetic but I always have a range of these on me in pointed round, long square and filbert. They are the brushes I use most regularly and have a lovely softness too them so you can work over initial layers alla prima without disturbing them.

Metal Brush Washer

I love my airtight metal brush washer for transporting my Zest-it solvent around with me. It either hangs on the hook supplied with my Sienna Pochade or it sits in a compartment in my french easel. 



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